We provide consultation and support in all business phases, from first directions in starting a business and giving advice before the start, all the way to solving existing problems as well as help at organization of business on more efficient and productive way.
Everything what you need for realization of your business goals now on one place, we offer individual approach in accordance with your need and laws of Republic of Croatia, and our solutions are focused exclusively on specifics of your business. All of our obligations are done professional and promptly, and that is also the way we keep track of news and changes in law and tax regulations, because that is the only way we can have timely reaction and adapt to new situation, and give right advice in right time.
Our services are payed as a monthly flat fee in accordance with your needs.
We would like to build long term relationships with our partners, and our care for each of our clients we create a lasting partnership based on mutual trust.
No one knows what tomorrow will bring, take the right steps!!